Tatiana Birgisson is brewing success at the American Underground. She is the brains behind Mati, the first no-compromise energy drink and the fuel of the American Underground. Mati is a lightly carbonated tea/ fruit juice fusion. Made with all natural ingredients, with no added sugars and no preservatives, one serving of Mati has more caffeine than a Red Bull, 3 cups of green tea worth of antioxidants, as much potassium as half a banana, and 15% daily value of vitamin C. Mati lives up to its reputation as an exceptional no-compromise energy drink.

Tatiana began brewing Mati in her dorm room at Duke University. As a student struggling to meet the challenging demands of University life, Tatiana needed a product that could keep her stimulated and engaged throughout the day. Unwilling to compromise her health-conscience standards for conventional energy drinks nor able to overcome her dislike for coffee, Tatiana resolved to create her own concoction. With the help of her engineering background and the support of her peer group at In-Cube, Duke’s student entrepreneurship house, Mati was born.

If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

Kashi or muesli…I love both and they’re not empty calories–they’re actually functional foods (high protein, high fiber, vitamins, etc).

In 2012, Tatiana won the Best Undergraduate Startup in the Duke Startup Challenge and used the prize money to scale Mati operations. Through a partnership with Durham brewery, Triangle Brewing Company, Tatiana is provided the requisite brewing equipment to produce enough Mati to meet the demands. She joined the American Underground in the summer of 2013 and has become a vital member of the community ever since. She was selected as a SOAR Fellow in May of 2013 and most recently has been nominated to represent the American Underground at the Google for Entrepreneurs Demo Day in April of 2015.

Would you rather have to sing everything you say or dance all your movements?

I was going to say dance but then realized I don’t have rhythm…but I’m a graceful figure skater :)

Mati is currently available at Whole Foods stores across the Southeast and will soon be in select Kroger and Costco stores.

(Editor’s note: We are told by sources that Mati is exceptionally delicious when mixed with Malibu Black.)

Who is your role mode and why?

I’m inspired by Seth Goldman, founder of Honest Tea; Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour; and Michael Kirban, founder of Vita Coco for their dedication to their crafts, strength of brands built, integrity, and positive influence over their industries.
As seen on UNC-TV; published on Feb 11, 2015; Heather Burgiss

Read more about Mati Energy here (http://www.matienergy.com/).