Meet, a data sciences and predictive analytics firm based at the American Underground @Raleigh. The executive team is comprised of Rob Burns (CEO), Marcy Bucci (President), and Zeeshan Usmani (CTO). They are joined by Garrett Perdue, a board member who is the managing director for a global technology investment fund. Collectively, they’ve been members of the American Underground since February of this year.

Who needs to look out for cars when you can predict traffic?!
Who needs to look out for cars when you can predict traffic?!

The company has developed a software that functions as a predictive analytics engine and can predict things like suicide bombings in Pakistan. It was developed by Rob Burns and Zeeeshan Usmani. Both former Eisenhower Fellows, the two came together at a networking event. Zeeshan, a Pakistan native and one of the top data scientists in the world was a great match for Rob who had years of experience working with inner-city schools both in the US and overseas. With a shared conviction to improve safety in schools and a shared love for technology, Rob and Zeeshan put their minds and skills together to assess the issue of school safety in a systematic way. Shortly after, Marcy Bucci joined the team, bringing years of experience working in leadership roles at both IBM and Gartner.

Q: What song best represents the work ethic of the Predictify.Me team? A: Under Pressure by David Bowie

The technology is very complex and uses an algorithm that looks at different silos of data and crunches more than 150 variables. It then rates a school’s safety level and predicts future bombings within a 3-5 day window. has generously donated the software to be used as part of the UN’s Safe Schools Initiative in a 1,000-school pilot that will advise schools on how they can best protect themselves and prepare against any armed attacks. There are discussions to extend this Safe Schools Initiative to countries such as South Sudan, Lebanon and the Dominic Republic of the Congo

“Could this company predict the next Terror Attack?” as seen on CNN Money.
Q: What book are you reading today? A: (Zeeshan) All of them!

While the company stared as a social effort and will remain one, they are taking the predictive analytics engine and applying it to the commercial market, specifically retail and healthcare. Given that their executive team and board of advisors all have 15-20+ years of commercial experience in fortune 500 companies, the company is perfectly positioned for this effort.
They currently have a number of offices abroad, and they will be opening more offices overseas in the next few quarters. The social component of the company will not be compromised. They aim to have 30-40 percent of their staff in emerging markets be women, and they plan to place women in roles of management.

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